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I have been on air a few times providing organizing tips, but I’m not yet one of those PO’s that you see every time you turn on the TV (how nice it must be to live in Hollywood and have an inside connection in the “biz!”) My dream is to have a show about organizing on the road as “The Traveling Organizer” — seeing clients in different places as we RV around the country, and showing how I keep it simple in such a small space. Producers, give me a call! Here are a few of my clips…

Living The Simple Life The Easy Way

I was interviewed on Janet Taylor’s Got Clutter? Get Organized! radio show — where we talked about ways to simplify daily life, focus on your true priorities, and stop following someone else’s expectations regarding how you should spend your time.

Alumapalooza 2013

The folks from Airstream Direct snagged me at the 2013 Alumapalooza rally (after I finished my workshop on maximizing small spaces in an RV) to interview me for a piece about living and working full-time on the road. (Yes, that is actually how I dress at a rally — no khakis and baseball caps for me!)

Overcoming Client Objections With Ease

I was asked to teach a meeting room full of my colleagues how to be better business people at the 2012 NAPO National Conference in New Orleans. If you’d like to hear the full workshop recording, it’s available via instant download and CD.

On The Road With Ramona Creel

I participate in  the Keeping You Organized podcast series hosted by the file-folder-cum-office-supply company Smead. (You may not realize it, but you probably have some of their organizing doohickeys in your desk!) The folks there have been fascinated by the fact that I’ve taken my organizing business on the road (and are moderately amused by my less-than-standard-turn-of-a-phrase) — so they thought it might be a good idea to put me on camera. Whatever possessed these people??

2008 Los Angeles Organizing Awards

I was presented the award for the “Best Organizing Educational Resource” at the 2008 LA Organizing Awards ceremony — quite an honor, and I got to meet Peter Walsh (just the nicest guy on the planet, and a great accent to boot) and Sherry Shepherd from “The View” (dumb comments on the show about the earth being flat aside, she’s pretty sharp in person!)

2009 Los Angeles Organizing Awards

This year, I’m embarrassed to admit that I sort of swept the LA Organizing Awards — winning the “Best Organizing Educational Resource,” the “Best Organizing Website Or Blog,” and the “Best Organizing Product Retailer” awards at the 2009 ceremony. This time, my awards were presented by Hal Sparks, and I also had a lovely conversation about the “greenplug” concept with Christopher Knight (Peter Brady). Turns out that we’re preventing “phantom electrical draw” in our Airstream already with the use of surge protectors, but there’s always more that you can do.

Your Brand Of Success

I participated on a panel with a few other colleagues at the 2005 NAPO National Conference, talking about how we had each defined business success in our own way. At the time, I was running OnlineOrganizing. If you’d like to hear the whole talk, you can either download the workshop recording (or purchase a CD)

Fine Living Network: How To Organize A Garage

Early in my organizing career, the Fine Living Network had me put together a series of tips for organizing your garage — to this day (years and years later), friends will call me up saying, “I was watching TV the other day and heard a voice and said, ‘That’s Ramona!'” It’s a little surreal.

What’s Good Wit Goodie

This was hands-down the WEIRDEST media experience of my life. I was contacted by this guy with a radio show called Real Talk With Lee, asking if he could interview me about my work as an organizer and my travels as a full-time RVer — why not! Turns out he’s a yo-yo-yo-homie from the Bronx, interviewing random folk in what I would most charitably describe as “gangsta journalism” — I was on the show the same night as a comic book writer, a professional psychic, and a chick who markets maternity wear. (????) The most amusing part of the whole experience is listening to me trying so desperately to prove my street cred — it’s good for a laugh, if nothing else!

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