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I am a full-time RVer and I travel around the country. I can think of no greater joy then landing in a new town, someplace I’ve never been before, and coming to know it like home. I’ve seen some amazing things, met fantastically gracious people, had incredible experiences on the road — and come to realize that this is a pretty damned fine world in which to live!

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  • A Map Of My Travels

    Coming 2014 – a brand “Google Maps”-powered collection of my various blog posts, photographs, travel posters, pennies, and other things we’ve collected during my travels. Click here for reuse options!Copyright 2012 RamonaCreel.com Read More

  • Eating Great From State To State

    To me, one of the greatest joys of travel is getting a chance try the local cuisine. An unusual pasta sauce, a new twist on fish, a glass of regional wine — okay, I’ll admit it, I am pretty much just eating and drinking my way across the country! I love putting something new on... Read More

  • Life Through A Lens --
    I Came, I Saw, I Took Pictures

    COMING SOON! (all sorts of amazing photos from my Airstream travels) Save Save Save Click here for reuse options!Copyright 2012 RamonaCreel.com Read More