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Creel Family Genealogy

Admin -- Ramona Creel Family CrestI got Creel blood (the hematological equivalent of demons) from my father’s paternal side running all through me — ALL through me. Beetlejuice? Anyone?

Folks who sell those highly-colorful-yet-possibly-fictionalized crests (the ones in twee little shops at tourist-type locations) tell me this fish-baskety moniker comes from a dealer’s choice of Irish, Scottish, or English ancestors. However, historians on the less-commercial side of things claim that all Creels are descended from a Robert De Criol in France. (Let’s be fair, a strong accent could change how you were listed in the ledgers.) Truth? Who the hell knows!

What I am sure of is that this ancient Norman honorific found its way to England thanks to a group of brave Northumberland marauders, around the Conquest Of 1066. (If we’re represented on a tapestry somewhere, I’m sure it’s right in the very center — causing a whole lotta trouble!)

Every once in a while, some stranger asks if I fly fish. (Then laughs and laughs like this is the funniest joke since Ernest Scribbler fell over dead.) And loved ones will soon experience the nuptial glory that is mah sweetie toting a basket-o-rocks on his back — until I cut the ropes, ceremonially relieving him of the bachelorhood-burden. (Those Highland Scots know how to make a wedding memorable!) But aside from the never-not-hilarious “total lunatic” response, most folks have no idea what a “creel” is. If you want the most literal translation, just call me Ramona Spinningbobbin, Ramona Sheepslaughter, Ramona Oatrock, Ramona Turfcart, Ramona Temporary-Aberration, or Ramona Head-Over-Heels-Clumsy-With-Excitement.

While the latter three suit me to a tittle (not-so-sweetcakes rule, I’m definitely an anomaly, and there’s a reason my mother didn’t name me “Grace”) — I prefer more esoteric and symbolic derivations. I grin from ear to ear, knowing that the most common permutations for Creel are “Cruel,” “Curl,” and “Girl.” (My foremothers were just waiting all these centuries for me to burst into existence!)

That charming family crest you see (with a lovely suit-of-armor-helmet that’s missing the top of its head and has ye olde brains floating outside its skull) shows that my peeps were both cerebral and war-like all the way back to the beginning — if you watch us in action now, you’ll notice that things haven’t changed all that much. We were built to compete on Jeopardy  (our collective hive-mind fairly overfloweth with trivial facts and useless knowledge) — but I’m not sure you’re going to want us on your side during a skirmish. That motto translates as either “I care not for blows” or “I linger not for blows” — which means that a distant member of my lineage took a good one to the cranium, something got knocked irreparably loose, and the rest of us decided not hang around waiting for whoever did said clocking to finish the job!

My folks hail most directly from England as “Cryles” and “Creeles.” (The spelling finally settled down once my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was born.) On our Irish side, the name was first seen along the roads leading to “County McCreeley” (which in Gaelic as “McRaghailaigh,” has way too many letters) — but there’s also a Scottish fishing village called “Creel” near Dumfries. Throughout Europe, we can claim a “Crail” who was the Bishop Of Aberdeen in the 13th century, a “Carale” who was the Abbot Of Scone in the 14th, a “Crale” who was a town chamberlain in the 15th, and a “Creale” who was a chirurgeon (fancy Old French for surgeon) in the 16th. We’re all over the board — literally!

a not-so-famous historian once said, “One characteristic of all Creels is their seemingly never-ceasing movement.” Clearly, I’m not the first of my bloodline with itchy feet, but I wonder if any others wandered in a rolling tin can? Whatever their mode of travel, I’m proud of the fact that my folks are a mutt-mix of penny-pinching Scots and drunken Celts, with some British humor and French ‘tude thrown in for good measure — the best of each culture, all blended together.

Who Is This Person -- Family Portrait Icon2Descendants Of John Cryle (Creele)


  • John Cryle (b. 1600 / d. unknown in England)

– was baptised at Spofforth All Saints in Yorkshire

  • wife Margarett Good (b. / d. unknown)

– parents were unknown
– married at St Sepulchre in Holborn, London

  • son John (b. 1658 in England / d. May 18, 1720 in Northumberland, VA)
  • son Charles (b.1666 in England / d. unknown in Richmond, VA)

Who Is This Person -- Certificate IconDescendants Of John Creele


  • John Creele (b. 1658 in England / d. May 18, 1720 in Northumberland, VA)

– was a planter — purchased 60 acres of land in VA on September 21, 1693

  • wife Elizabeth Anne Wilson (b. 1660 in England / d. May 1727 in Richmond, VA)

– parents were unknown

  • son John Creel (b. 1678 in Richmond, VA / d. unknown in Hagerstown, MD)
  • son George (b. 1680 / d. April 23, 1727 in Richmond, VA)
  • son Charles Thomas (b. 1682 / d. April 23, 1727 in Northumberland, VA)
  • son Thomas (b. 1685 / d. April 23, 1727 in Richmond, VA)

Who Is This Person -- Family Portrait Icon2Descendants Of Charles Thomas Creel


  • Charles Thomas Creel (b. 1682 / d. April 23, 1727 in Northumberland, VA)
  • wife Elizabeth Harrison (b. October 20, 1690 / d. May 1727 in Northumberland, VA)

– parents were Benjamin Harrison III and Elizabeth Burwell

  • son Absalom (b. 1706 in Richmond, VA / d. 1769 in Amelia, VA)
  • son Thomas (b. 1708 in Richmond, VA / d. 1789 in Pittsylvania, VA)
  • son William (b. April 17, 1712 in Richmond, VA / d. April 23, 1757 in Prince William, VA)
  • son Charles (b. December 5, 1715 in Northumberland, VA / d. 1790 in Robeson, NC)

– on 1778 American Revolution muster roll for 8th Virginia Regimental Command

  • daughter Mary Ann (b. October 4, 1717  / d. 1790 in Northumberland, VA)
  • son Harrison (b. 1719 in Richmond, VA / d. 1790 in Dobbs Co, VA)
  • daughter Hannah (b.February 17, 1721 in Northumberland, VA / d. unknown)
  • son John (b. February 28, 1723 in Northumberland, VA / d. 1793 in Culpeper, VA)

– on 1777 American Revolution muster roll for 12th Virginia Regimental Command

  • son Warmly (b. 1727 / d. unknown)

Who Is This Person -- Certificate IconDescendants Of William Creel


  • William Creel (b. April 17, 1712 in Richmond, VA / d. April 23, 1757 in Prince William, VA)
  • first wife Alice Dodson (b. 1711 / d. 1740 in Richmond, VA)

– parents were Thomas Dodson and Mary Durham

  • daughter Sarah (b. 1730 in Richmond, VA / d. July 3, 1803)
  • son John (b. February 28, 1732 in Richmond, VA / d. 1787 in  Pittsylvania, VA)
  • son Mathew (b. 1734 in Richmond, VA / d. unknown)
  • unnamed son (b. 1738 in Richmond, VA / d. unknown)
  • son William (b. 1740 in Richmond, VA / d. 1827 in Prince William, VA)

– son’s wife Mary Ball was 5th cousin of George Washington’s mother

  • second wife Anne (b. / d. unknown)

– parents were unknown

  • son George (b. unknown / d. 1832 in GA)
  • daughter Lucy (b. / d. unknown)

Who Is This Person -- Family Portrait Icon2Descendants Of John Creel


  • John Creel (b. February 28, 1732 in Richmond, VA / d. 1787 in  Pittsylvania, VA)

– the first pastor of the Birch Creek Mill Baptist Church in Pittsylvania County
– a “most amiable man universally loved by all descriptions of people”
– accidentally killed by a falling log while helping in the raising of a house
– his church is still around, the oldest in continuous operation in the area

  • wife Rhoda “Rosannah” Dodson (b. 1744 in Fauquier, VA / d. 1821 in Pittsylvania, VA)

– parents were Rev. Thomas Jesse Dodson II and Elizabeth Good Rose

  • son John Jr. (b. 1758 in Pittsylvania, VA / d. 1820 in Jasper GA)
  • son Thomas (b. 1760 in Pittsylvania VA / d. August 7, 1840 in Green, GA)
  • daughter Molly “Mary” (b. February 12, 1764 in Prince William, VA / d. unknown)
  • daughter Alice (b. August 11, 1765 in Prince William, VA / d. 1793)
  • son Micajah (b. 1771 in Prince William, VA / d. 1825 in Maury, TN)
  • son John (b. 1773 in Prince William, VA / d. 1836 in Washington Co, IL)
  • son Elijah (b. 1775 in Pittsylvania, VA / d. December 20, 1844 in Hart Co, KY)
  • son William (b. 1775 in Pittsylvania, VA / d. after 1844 in Davidson, TN)

– 1814 served as Captain of a Tennessee militia company in the War of 1812

  • daughter Rhoda (b. 1779 in Pittsylvania, VA / d. 1803)

Who Is This Person -- Certificate IconDescendants Of Thomas Creel


  • Thomas Creel (b. 1760 in Pittsylvania VA / d. August 7, 1840 in Green, GA)

– served as a Private in the 1st Virginia State Regiment during the Revolutionary War

  • wife Harriett Phoebe Dodson (b. April 24, 1763 in Fauquier, VA / d. 1826 in Allen Co, KY)

– parents were Joshua Dodson and Ruth Rose

  • daughter Nancy (b. July 24, 1785 in Surry, NC / d. August 7, 1840 in Case, GA)
  • son John (b. April 23, 1788 in Jasper, GA / d. March 29, 1833 in Newton, GA)
  • daughter Mary Elizabeth (b. 1790 in Surry, NC / d. March 29, 1833 in Bibb, AL)
  • son Joshua (b. 1792 in Surry, NC / d. September 20, 1838 in Bibb, AL)
  • son Elijah (b. 1795 in Greene, GA / d. 1856 in Williamson, KY)
  • daughter Lorna (b. 1800 in Greene, GA / d. unknown)
  • son William (b. 1802 in Newton, GA / d. 1880 in Oakman, AL)
  • daughter Phoebe (b. September 10, 1804 in Greene, GA / d. July 4, 1869 in Bibb, AL)

Who Is This Person -- Family Portrait Icon2Descendants Of John Creel


  • John (b. April 23, 1788 in Jasper, GA / d. March 29, 1833 in Newton, GA)
  • wife Mary “Polly” Belcher (b. 1794 in GA / d. 1852)

– parents were Matthew Belcher and Alcey
– in 1850, was “visiting her people” when she tired of riding in the wagon
– while walking behind the wagon, she slipped on the pine needles
– fell, breaking her hip — she was never able to walk again

  • son Thomas (b. November 15, 1811 in Oglethorpe, GA / d. May 22, 1878 in Bibb, AL)
  • daughter Nancy (b. January 10, 1813 in Oglethorpe, GA / d. March 27, 1833 in Bibb, AL)
  • son William (b. March 22, 1814 in Oglethorpe, GA / d. May 31, 1888 in Carroll, GA)
  • son George D. (b. October 16, 1815 in Oglethorpe, GA / d. October 6, 1897 in Walker, AL)
  • son Green B. (b. December 31, 1816 in Oglethorpe, GA / d. November 27, 1830 in Carroll, GA)
  • daughter Rebecca (b. April 19, 1818 in Oglethorpe, GA / d. unknown)

– married her cousin George Creel

  • daughter Elizabeth (b. May 18, 1819 in Oglethorpe, GA / d. unknown)
  • son Jasper Creel (b. October 9, 1820 in Oglethorpe, GA / d. unknown)

– married his first cousin Ann Hughes

  • daughter Phebe (b. February 22, 1822 in Oglethorpe, GA / d. April 30, 1881 in Grimes, TX)
  • son Joshua (b. October 9, 1823 in Oglethorpe, GA / d. unknown)
  • daughter Martha A. (b. December 12, 1824 in Oglethorpe, GA / d. December 16, 1902)
  • son Elijah (b. February 4, 1826 in Oglethorpe, GA / d. January 1903 in Nagogdoches, TX)

– served in the CSA 20th regiment, Mississippi Infantry

  • son Jonathan (b. October 26, 1827 / d. January 1858 in Bibb, AL)

– married his first cousin Elizabeth Creel

  • son Newton (b. March 4, 1829 / d. June 28, 1878 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– served in the CSA 20th regiment, Alabama infantry

  • son Matthew Morgan (b. February 4, 1831 / d. March 9, 1908 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– served in the CSA Camp Of Instruction in Talladega, AL

  • daughter Alcey J. (b. February 4, 1831 / d. in infancy)

– Matthew Morgan and Alcey were fraternal twins

  • son Joel D. (b. January 9, 1833 / d. November 1864)

– served in the CSA Camp Of Instruction in Talladega — died in service

Who Is This Person -- Certificate IconDescendants Of George D. Creel


  • George D. Creel (b. October 16, 1815 in Oglethorpe, GA / d. October 6, 1897 in Walker, AL)

– served as a Private in the CSA 27th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Company E

  • wife Harriet Belcher (b. August 25th, 1810 / d. November 3, 1875 in Clayton, GA)

– parents were William Belcher and unknown

  • son Hampton T. (b. 1835 in Jasper, GA / d. October 8, 1862 in Sharpsburg, MD)
  • daughter Narcissus (b. 1838 in GA / d. unknown)
  • daughter Dorothy E. (b. 1839 in Clayton, GA / d. unknown)
  • son Dorsey (b. 1839 in Clayton, GA / d. unknown)
  • son Truston (b. 1840 in Clayton, GA / d. 1863)
  • son Trezbant (b. 1841 in GA / d. 1863)

– served in CSA, unit unknown — died in service

  • daughter Sofrony S. (b. 1842 in Newton, GA / d. unknown)
  • son William L. (b. 1842 in Newton, GA / d. unknown)
  • daughter Margaret Mahala (b. December 13, 1843 in GA / d. June 5, 1937 in Carroll, GA)
  • son George Daniel (b. July 10, 1845 in Newton, GA / d. April 2, 1925 in Mandeville, GA)

– served in the CSA, unit unknown

  • son Elisha S. (b. 1847 in Newton, GA / d. February 13, 1920 in Mandeville, GA)

– too young to serve in the CSA
– was recruited to burn Atlanta before Sherman could get there to plunder it
– was captured then later released
– went on to Washington D.C. as secretary to Joe Starnes

  • son Joseph H. (b. November 10, 1850 in Newton, GA / d. January 26, 1941 in Boaz, AL)
  • son J.A. (b. November 10, 1850 in Newton, GA / d. 1860)

– J.A. and Joseph were identical twins
– J.A. was killed by an old sow and Joseph got a scar on his upper lip
– always wore a mustache to cover it

  • son Andrew Jackson (b. December 25, 1852 in Clayton, GA / d. April 18, 1916 in College Park, MD)
  • son Joshua (b. 1852 in Clayton, GA / d. April 16, 1916 in College Park, MD)

Who Is This Person -- Family Portrait Icon2Descendants Of Hampton T. Creel


  • Hampton T. (b. 1835 in Fayette, GA / d. October 5, 1862 in Jonesboro, GA)

– served in Clayton County’s “Estes Guards”
– was wounded in the Battle Of Atlanta
– served in the Army Of N. Virginia 44th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Company D
– enlisted on March 4, 1862 and was elected 2nd Lieutenant on July 2, 1862
– was wounded at Sharpsburg on September 17, 1862 and died of his wounds

  • first wife Martha Ann Walden (b. 1831 / d. October 7, 1852 in Jasper, GA)

– parents were unknown

  • second wife Mary Wallis (b. unknown / d. unknown)

– parents were unknown

  • son William Hampton (b. April 7, 1854 in Fayette, GA / d. September 4, 1890 in Boaz, AL)

– died of typhoid fever

  • daughter Julia (b. 1856 in Fayette, GA / d. unknown)
  • son Joseph J. (b. 1859 in Fayette, GA / d. unknown)

Who Is This Person -- Certificate IconDescendants Of William Hampton Creel


  • William Hampton (b. April 7, 1854 in Fayette, GA / d. September 4, 1890 in Boaz, AL)
  • wife Martha Alamedia Chappell (b. December 31, 1857 in GA / d. November 17, 1910 in Boaz, AL)

– parents were William Chappell and Mary McCullum
– only one picture ever taken of Martha, shot while she was sick in bed
– family carried her out to the yard in a rocking chair for the photo

  • daughter Ophelia (b. December 29, 1875 in Cleburne, GA / d. March 17, 1965 in  Morgan, AL)
  • daughter Izora (b. February 21, 1877 in Cleburne, GA / d. June 14, 1951)
  • son Felix Arthur (b. December 1878 in Cleburne, AL / d. 1919 in Ranger, TX)

– broke a window and was afraid he would get in trouble, so he went west
– was gone for several years without communicating with anyone in the family
– was on his way home when he got sick and died of typhoid fever
– his wife Minnie put his 6 children in an orphanage — Baby Felix Jr. died there in 1921
– she later took the boys (James Earl, Richmond, and Wheeler) back with her
– it’s said she did it so they could work in the fields for her
– left the girls (Izora and Lillie Laura) at the orphanage

  • son Walter William (b. April 10, 1880 in Fayetteville, GA / d. August 19, 1956 in Boaz, AL)
  • son Charles “Charlie” Hampton (b. June 30, 1882 in Boaz, AL / d. November 22, 1967 in Cullman, AL)
  • son Elisha E. (b. November 27, 1883 in Boaz, AL / d. November 28, 1968 in Hale, AL)
  • son Thomas Asbury (b. November 11, 1887 in Boaz, AL / d. October 26, 1970 in Jasper, AL)
  • son George Washington (b. February 14, 1891 in Boaz, AL / d. January 22, 1981 in Boaz, AL)

Who Is This Person -- Family Portrait Icon2Descendants Of Walter William Creel


  • Walter William (b. April 10, 1880 / d. August 16, 1956 in Boaz, AL)

– was a farmer and owned 4 farms in the Boaz area
– he and Bonnie also owned and operated the Creel Mercantile Store
– he served 4 terms as mayor of Boaz

  • wife Bonnie Cornelius Hazel (b. February 3, 1884 / d. November 17, 1965 in Boaz, AL)

– parents were Samuel Hazel and Nora Crump

  • son Covan Benson (b. September 12, 1903 in Boaz, AL / d. June 3, 1981 in Jefferson Co, AL)
  • son Claude William (b. June 9, 1905 in Boaz, AL / d. August 5, 1977 in Nashville, TN)
  • son Justin Cornelius (b. April 4, 1906 in Boaz, AL / d. June 19, 1939 in Jefferson Co, AL)
  • son Eugene Howard (b. January 29, 1910 in Boaz, AL / d. June 17, 1970 in Las Vegas, NV)
  • daughter Faynelle (b. April 23, 1914 in Boaz, AL / d. June 2, 1952 in Pulaski, TN)

Who Is This Person -- Certificate IconDescendants Of Justin Cornelius Creel


  • Justin Cornelius (b. April 4, 1906 / d. June 19, 1939, in Birmingham, AL)

– Justin committed suicide and his 12-year-old son found the body

– parents were Martin Lamar Mount and Lemma Adams

  • daughter Jacqueline L. (b. November 15, 1925 in OH / d. July 20, 1993 in Hollywood, FL)

– husband Robert C. Hammock (b. 1927 / d. November 10, 1977 in FL)

  • son Richard Justin (b. April 28, 1927 in OH / d. September 6, 1997 in Naples, FL)

Who Is This Person -- Family Portrait Icon2Descendants Of Richard Justin Creel


  • Richard Justin (b. April 28, 1927 in OH / d. September 6, 1997 in Naples, FL)
  • wife Ramona Pearl Lacy (b. August 16, 1932 / d. June 6, 2010 in Jefferson County, AL)

– parents were Herrell Grey Lacy and Odessa Kathleen May

  • daughter Linda Gail (b. March 15, 1950 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– first husband Jack Bremen Gilbert (b. July 2, 1943 in AL)
– son Russell Warren (b. February 29, 1972 in AL)
– son Kenneth Wayne (b. July 23, 1973 in AL)
– second husband Jack Martin Hutto (b. December 17, 1955 in AL)
– daughter Susy by first marriage (b. January 7, 1980 in AL)

  • daughter Patricia Lou (b. October 12, 1951 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– ex-husband Verland Duncan (b. November 13, 1956 in AL)
– son Andrew Jacob (b. August 7, 1976 in AL)

  • son Richard Herrell Justin (b. August 3, 1954 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– goes by the nickname “Red Dog”
– a.k.a. Ricky-Richard-Herrell-Justin-Meanie-Dong-Dong-Cuckoo-Popsicle Creel

  • daughter Ramona Elizabeth (b. March 1, 1972 in Jefferson Co, AL)
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44 Responses

  1. D Creel says:

    thomas creel son william had a son william b creel
    can’t seem to find him

  2. Ramona says:

    Actually, my cousin only provided me with details about the line leading to Walter William Creel (my great grandfather). I apologize that this isn’t a complete “everybody-in-the-Creel-family” genealogy, but I didn’t do the research myself — and I guess my cousin was only interested in direct ancestors.

  3. Georgina Maybee says:

    Under Walter William Creel…. Sandra Louise Creel Maybee passed away 9/1/09 and her husband George William Maybee was born July 17 nto August 17… hope that helps… Also my grandmother Majorie Ruth Moss Creel passed away as well…

  4. Ramona says:

    Georgina, thanks for the updates — I’ve corrected my listing. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother — do you have a date of death for her?

  5. Mark Wayne Creel says:

    I saw Calvin and Jean Creel here. They would be my great uncle and aunt. This is some of what I know. I know Calvin had a brother named Roland (my grandfateher) married to Mary Sims. They had 3 sons and 2 daughters. Jerald, Wayne, Lynn, Margaret, and Joan. Wayne is my Father and I have one brother Brian (deceased). Jerald had a daughter Belinda and twin boys Brandon and Crandon. Lynn had a son Shannon and a daughter Shasta. Joan has 2 daughters Carla and Regina. Contact me if you have any questions. Thanks Mark


    Son of Luther Edward Creel Jr born Albertville,Alabama 1912
    Nice to see all this info. I now live in Knoxville Tn. My daughter Grace michell Creel is here and has married Lamont Elliott w/ 3 kids

  7. Sonya Creel Cleveland says:

    Looking for any info on the Matthew Morgan Creel line. I know he married Nancy Hughes had son John Manley but do not know of other children. John
    Manley was Father to Lloyd Matthew Creel, my Grandfather. Thanks for any help. cleveland.sonya@yahoo.com

  8. Alysa Creel says:

    I wish I could figure out who my great aunts and uncles and all are..

  9. eugene m. creel feb 17, 1950 says:

    Father cody eufaula, alabama left when I was 6 and returned when I was 35 loved the guinness.I would love to know family.

  10. Ga says:

    This is very emotional for me, because I seem to have discovered more relatives in the US. You may have noticed or gathered that I’m French. My mother’s name is Jolle Creel, her dad, whom we deeply mourn because he died last Thursday at the age of 88, was Roland Henchey Creel born in France. His dad was Avery Nelson Creel born in Gum Pond, Decatur, Alabama. His parents were Joseph Henchie Creel and Sarah Elizabeth Andrews, Morgan Co, Alabama. A cousin of mine, Eugene Scruggs who used to be a lecturer in Tampa, Florida, tried and designed the family tree and went back to the one who seemed to be our common ancestor, John Creele, from Northumberland CO, Virginia. Let me leave my email address as i would very much like to hear from you, Ramona. I forgot, I was born on March 10th, 1972! Thank you very much for all you posted on your blog.

    • William Hooper says:

      Avery Nelson Creel was baby brother of my Great Grandfater George Sanford Creel. I just started doing my family tree and was trying to complete the families of Joseph Hencie Creel and Sarah Andrews Creel. I would very much like to communicate with you about your family. I know this post is almost 6 years old but I do hope you see it and will respond.

      William Hooper

  11. Ga says:

    Hum, email: ordeiggaelle@yahoo.fr, all the best, cheers

  12. Ramona says:

    A French Creel from my family tree — bonjour! Can’t wait to hunt you up the next time we’re in Europe!

  13. Elizabeth Creel says:

    I have been trying to get my tree together,I have traced it to William Creel 1700-1757….do you have any info that could help me? heres my Creel linage so far:
    JOHN CREEL 1826 OR 27
    LEVI CREEL 1806
    THOMAS L. CREEL 1750

  14. Elizabeth Creel says:

    if you stumble on anymore Creel info that may pertain to me anything will help,would also love some photos…my email is elireecreel@yahoo.com

  15. ray ward says:

    hi, my moms maiden name is creel. my grandfather is vaughn creel. my aunt melody does alot of research on the family. shes made a couple scrapbook cd’s. with family stories told by family members shes interviewed, and pictures as far back as the 1800’s. she or another family member might have that book by j. owens. i will try to find out and get back to everyone. i did read somewhere that the first creel in america, i think, was around 1623 and he was a ship capitain, i think. it was a few years ago that i read about it. ramona, if anyone wants a copy of the scrapbook cd’s. you can give them my email.

    • gina shaw says:

      Hi I know this post is years old but I believe you are talking about my grandmother melody. I have just started really researching family tree wise and I came across this. I was actually using some of Melody’s info to look up names. It would be great to hear from family I have never knew about.

  16. William Creel says:

    Stumbled on your family relation to the Creels. My oldest is Charles, Rev. War soldier in the 8th Virginia Reg. Born in 1756-58. I haven’t been able to find any written record of his father but after about 30 years of researching county archive, Library records in several states as well as trips to the LDS facilities in Salt Lake I’m fairly sure i know who he was. I also have a copy of the family crest but its’ very different from yours. Probably every vendor that sells genealogy stuff has several versions that seem to make sense. Charles was my 4th great grand father, married to a Stapp lady and they had seven children, all male. I descended from his first son. My line of Creel migrated from Virginia to Kentucky where they left quite a foot print in Kentucky history. Then on to Missouri, briefly, then to Texas in 1890. If you would like me to look up something in Owen’s book let me know. It’s 908 pages.

  17. Tanesha Creel says:

    my best friend helped me to look up my family name and see what’s running around in my family tree. he came accross this site. I have family in north carolina and virginia. my great grandfather’s mother’s name is molly baskerville although i’m not sure if i’m spelling her last name right. i’m hoping to find out more. i’m not sure of her maiden name though or her date of birth. if you have any info please let me know. my email is

  18. R Clark says:

    This is great stuff. I will look closer at it when I have more time. I think my wife’s Creel lineage is in here somewhere, through Hampton Creel’s son Joseph J. ( Although, I have him as James J. )

  19. William Jeffrey Creel says:

    Hello,my name is William Jeffrey Creel,I am from Cincinnati,Ohio.My fathers name is William Newton Creel and his fathers name is Albert Douglas Creel. Grandpa A.D. always told me that the nuts dont fall far from the tree and that his family was from Warrior,Alabama.If you look on an Alabama map theres a little town called Creeltown very near Warrior. Thanks to all the other Creels for sharing your past and thank you Ramona for posting. Wm.J.Creel

  20. Rebecca Creel Merriman says:

    Ramona…this is some interesting stuff about us Creels. My brother is William Jeffrey, who wrote to you on 12/4. What he left out about Albert Douglas is that their little part of the Creels left Alabama and moved to Kentucky, but don’t know when. I’m horrible on remembering comments by the ‘elders’ but seem to remember grandfather or his father being twins. No matter, since our grandparents are gone as well as Dad (William Newton), I’m forwarding this info to our uncle Ronald Joseph Creel and perhaps he can fill in the blanks. Thanks for your interest in the Creels…we always knew we were a wild bunch!

  21. Charles Beersdorf says:

    I lived in Creeltown, Alabama from 1936 to 1949. I have written a novel about Creeltown that is mentioned above and I remember an Albert Creel living in the small town. Contact me via my facebook page.

    • stephanie says:

      looking for dana patricia creel she would be around in her mid 70;s right now. she had a daughter at 19 and she was adopted in Alabama.

  22. Beverly Creel Shreeve says:

    I am Ramona’s cousin who provided her with the Creel information. The information I had aboutthe early generations came from the two volume set “Anywhere I Wander I Find Facts and Legends Relating to the Creel Family” Compiled and Edited by J. Adolphus Owens 1975 Diversivied Endeavors, Underground Press Section. Copies are in Salt Lake City, Washington, DC, Birmingham AL and probably other libraries. Other copies are in the hands of family members.

    • N Dent says:

      I have a copy of Any Where I wander, I find a Creel.
      Adolphus made a few mistakes and left out many Creels.
      I am a descendant of a Charles Creel ( married to Rachel)both from Virginia. They moved to Tennessee had a son named Nathaniel who married Mary Elvira Flowers ( daughter of Wiley Flowers and Margaret Finley Crockett- only daughter from David Crockett and his first wife Mary Polly Finley.
      Nathaniel Creel named one of his daughters Rachel – who moved to Missouri and married John Connell. Who had been in Gibson County Tennessee with the Creel family.
      Rachel my g.g.mother, she died in Pemiscott Co. Mo.

  23. M. Frisch says:

    I am looking for info on Mary Patricia Creel born 1924 in New Orleans.

  24. Sarah Creel says:

    I’m a decedent of the Creels that went to KY and then eventually CO. This is a really interesting website. The characteristics specific to Creels that you mentioned are definitely characteristics I too share. Thank you for posting for all of us.

  25. Gene Scruggs says:

    I enjoy all your information and the various responses. I see that back in 2010, one of my French Creel relatives posted to you. She is Gaelle and represents the 4th generation of Creel descendants living in France. The line was begun by Avery Nelson Creel who fought in WWI, was wounded, married his nurse and, after a couple of years in Alabama, returned to France and raised two sons. These two sons each had four children (six boys) so the Creel name flourishes. Now there are five generations and I believe 56 living descendants! Since I know French I keep in contact with several of them. My maternal grandmother was Martha Jane Creel (b.1872) who married William Thomas Smith in Morgan Co., AL.

    • William Hooper says:

      I am working on all the grand children of Joseph and Sarah Creel. I grew up knowing your Uncle Odus Smith and have a story about him I could share with you some time. I have known his son James Robert all my life. My uncles drove trucks for him when he first started his business. I live at Fairview.


  26. William Cree; says:

    My grandfather (Lawrence) was born in either Billings, Montana or Casper, Wyoming in the 1930’s. Does anyone have any information regarding this part of the Creel family? I am under the impression that they come from Arkansas and prior to that, Alabama.

  27. Lance Lane says:


    Here is my story: My Dad, Jack Lane was adopted in 1945 by Oscar Lane and Barbara Mae Lane (Tillman) who is the sister of Ollie Creel (Tillman). She told my Mom on her deathbed that my Dad was adopted within the family, but she never told my Dad as did none of the other members of the family. I’ve been on a crusade to find my real grandparents and had my Dad do some DNA testing. My Dad got a 1st Cousin DNA match that turned out to be the daughter of “Floncine Creel”. That has narrowed my search down to 1 of Floncine’s four other sisters. My Dad’s paternal side looks to probably be Cuban in nationality so far. So the search led me to your website and I’m glad to have found you Cuz!

  28. Amy Creel says:

    Thank you so much for posting your lineage, Ramona! I’ve always been told that my line of Creels began in GA, but later migrated through Al, MS, LA, TX, and finally OK. Though my daddy, Frank N. Creel, was born in Oregon, he primarily grew up in Southeast Oklahoma. His father was W. B. “Peck” Creel. I recall plenty of “Williams” and “Johns” being mentioned in our line! We have a “Preston” as well. So many others in common, but too many to list here. I forwarded your site to my mother, Jo Anne (Sapp) Creel, who has been wonderfully diligent in helping our Creel cousins research the lineage. We have an excellent family picture of my Creel great-grandparents, sitting in front of their home with my “Pa” and his 5 siblings standing round. I’m so thankful that you have posted such detailed information of your line of Creels!! Thank you!

  29. William Hooper says:

    Glad to be part of this discussion. My grandmother was Wynella Creel Caudle and I inherited the book “Anywhere I Wander” I find facts and legends relating to Creel family by J. Adolphus Owens Volume II
    From her.

  30. William Hooper says:

    You have to go back to William born 1712 before we have a common ancestor. Yet living all around me in Cullman county are descendants of your Walter William Creel’s brother Charlie Hampton.

  31. Timothy Westcott says:


    I am currently working on a biography of George Creel (1876-1953), who was born in Missouri and was chairman of the Committee on Public Information during World War I.

    I would be interested in any information on his line, particularly the early history of his Creel line for the first chapter.

    Email: twestcott@kc.rr.com

    Timothy Westcott, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of History
    Park University
    Parkville, MO.

  32. Rachel Holcomb Kratz says:

    Hi Ramona,
    My Great, great Grandmother was Nancy Jane Creel who was Newton Creel’s daughter. Newton was John Creel’s son so I think that makes us kindof related. I am trying to get ahold of some of my family who live in Dora, AL and not having a lot of success but it has been very interesting doing research.

  33. David Bibby says:

    Great stuff, opened a floodgate of info for a “little explored” region of my ancestry that washed me back a couple hundred years. I wish that my aunt Rosemary (Hunnicutt) Keilbasa were alive so that I could share it with her. Her daughter Jan, Jan, will have to do in her stead. Thanks for all the info, I will make a note for this page.

  34. Kellie Self says:

    I’m looking for the birth mother of Crystal Tiffany Creel born July 16, 1962. Mothers name is either Patricia Dana or Dana Patricia Creel. She would be around 73. Crystal was born at the Salvation Army Hospital in Easley, Alabama. The mother also had 2 boys just a couple of years after the birth of Crystal. Any info is appreciated.

  35. Michael Creel says:

    Hi cousin!
    My dad was Cluade O’val Creel b. 1923 d. 1978
    Grand dad was John Randolph Creel was born Jan 23, 1895 and died Dec 12, 1975.
    He was married to Gene (Eugene?) Burris
    I remember my dad talking about an “Uncle Bill” (William?)
    and something about ancestors coming over on a boat from Ireland. Best I know is that Creel surname is of Scots-Irish origin. Where did you get your info?

  36. Christopher Scott creel says:

    I’m Lamar Ray creel first grandson who some where fam with Joseph Monroe creel and early Washington

  37. Raymond Jewell Creel II says:

    Interesting. Much similar to research I have done and witnessed elsewhere. Thanks for your presentation. It is enjoyable and informative to read over.

  38. Tone Creel says:

    I’m searching for family history. Creel’s from Texas. William Thurston Creel from Wylie Texas Had two other Siblings. His alias was Happy Creel he had 7 Children one died at birth or shortly after. Oldest was Ruth youngest was Rick.

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