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Lacey Family Genealogy

Admin -- Ramona Creel Lacey Family CrestI’m descended from the Laceys on my mother’s paternal side. (Although somewhere before my grandfather became a reality, the powers that be changed our familial spelling — hopefully because of clerical error rather than a distant relation’s inability to read. But the earliest written records list us with an “e,” so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

Certain genealogical types tell me that the name arose during an Anglo-Norman influx of “Strongbownians” who invaded the land of taters and guinness in 1772 — their leader earned this sexy sobriquet thanks to his mad arrow-flinging skillz. The resulting forced-ethnic-melding created a rather zesty breed of French-aristocratic-archer-cum-drunken-Celt that’s served my family well for centuries. If I want it, I make it happen — apparently I get that honestly from my rather assertive ancestors!

Lacey is of local derivation, meaning it came from the place where my eponymous forebears lived. This moniker originally referenced a location in Normandy (we started out in a northern town called “Lassy”) — but eventually came to represent the spot (translated as “De Leis”) where our bumpy-nosed relatives landed on the Emerald Isle. My Gallic-Gaelic peeps were partial to county Limerick, prolly because its leaders granted the Laceys lands. However, there’s also a native Irish clan from county Wexford named “O Laithsea,” the Celtic version being “O Flaithgheasa.” (What is wrong with these erstwhile leprechauns that they need so damn many vowels?) Either way, it means “regal bearing.” You may kneel.

The family motto translates as “honors enhanced by desserts” — which I read as “dinner’s better if you eat the sweet stuff first.” Clearly, we’re a people who appreciate both sugary treats and being rewarded for our efforts. (It’s true that I can stay happy all day with a smidge of praise and a whole lotta chocolate.)

Like all Irish, we experienced a good deal of discrimination under English rule. Makes me wonder why I’m such an anglophile now. (Seems I just can’t resist those dash cunning Brits — with their questionable cuisine, milky tea, dry humor, and outstanding televisual entertainment. Damn it all.)

During the famine, a number of Laceys were seen getting-the-hell-out-of-Dodge on passenger manifests. However, I’ve been unable to track my folks back that far yet — I’m hoping to someday find out from whence we came (via the Anglo-Norman route or through a straight Irish lineage). My intel is also a bit sketchy in the early years (with Joseph seemingly married to multiple simultaneous Susans, plus an as-yet-unidentified third wife and pile of unconfirmed children from that supposed union) — help me if you can!

Who Is This Person -- DNA IconDescendants Of Joseph A. Lacey


  • Joseph A. Lacey (b. 1838 in GA / d. unknown in AL)

– conflicting accounts of U.S. birth and immigration through the Port Of Mobile

  • first wife Susan Oliver (b. 18859 in VA / d. unknown)

– parents were unknown

  • son John Isom (b. December 9, 1877 / d. November 5, 1945 in Jefferson Co, AL)
  • daughter Julia Ella (b. February 23, 1885 / d. March 22, 1967 in Jefferson Co, AL)
  • second wife Susan Cureton (b. June 17, 1844 in GA / d. October 23, 1895 in AL)

– parents were Lewis Franklin Cureton and Josephine McQueen

  • son Olen (b. August 31, 1882 in AL / d. September 1, 1931 in Johnson City, TN)

– served with the United States military in the Philippine Insurrection

  • son William Lewis (b. 1891 / d. October 7, 1957 in Jefferson Co, AL)
  • third wife? (b. / d. unknown)

– parents were unknown

  • daughter Evelyn? (b. / d. unknown)
  • daughter Lorraine? (b. / d. unknown)
  • daughter Ethel? (b. / d. unknown)
  • daughter Birdie? (b. / d. unknown)
  • daughter Maybelle? (b. / d. unknown)
  • son Leon? (b. / d. unknown)
  • daughter Margaret? (b. / d. unknown)
  • son Billy? (b. / d. unknown)
  • son Eugene? (b. / d. unknown)

Who Is This Person -- FamilyDescendants Of John Isom Lacey


  • John Isom Lacey (b. December 7, 1877 / d. November 5, 1945 in Jefferson Co, AL)
  • first wife Lizzie Alley (b. 1878 / d. 1908 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– parents were William Franklin Alley and unknown
– father served as a private in the CSA 43rd regiment, Alabama Infantry

  • son George Dewey (b. August 6, 1898 / d. October 21, 1963 in Baltimore City, MD)

– son Robert was captured by the Japanese during WWII
– after he was liberated, he came home a bit “changed”
– when he caught a fish, he would snatch it off the hook and eat it whole
– he did not know any foreign languages, but could sing operas in perfect Italian

  • son Herrell Grey (b. August 26, 1899 / d. January 12, 1963 in Longview, TX)

– parents were William L. Phillips and Susan Duckworth

  • daughter Thelma Margaurette (b. April 17, 1910 / d. September 17, 1997 in Florence, AL)
  • son Lewis (b. 1912 / d. December 31, 1913 in Jefferson County, AL)
  • son Cleo Sample (b. January 31, 1915 / d. December 28, 1963 in Jefferson Co, AL)
  • son Johnnie Graham (b. June 13, 1917 / d. January 30, 1981 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– was aboard the USS California at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1942

  • daughter Clara Bea (b. July 20, 1919 / d. January 25, 1994 in Florence, AL)

Who Is This Person -- DNA IconDescendants Of Herrell Grey Lacey


  • Herrell Grey Lacey (b. August 26, 1899 / d. January 12, 1963 in Longview, TX)

– died in a house fire after passing out drunk with a lit cigarette in his hand

– parents were John May and Mahala Cordelia Berry

  • daughter Mary Lee (b. August 13, 1928 / d. November 18, 2002 in Jefferson Co, AL)
  • daughter Cordelia Ann (b. February 20, 1930 / d. June 13, 2000 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– husband Myles Revels Dease (b. December 18, 1921 / d. January 12, 2006 in TX)

  • daughter Peggy June (b. June 12, 1931 / d. June 26, 2011 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– husband Horace Gates Miller (b. July 11, 1924 in MS / d. October 20, 2014 in AL)
– parents were Horace Miller and Rena Ivy

– daughter Margaret Ann (b. August 22, 1954 in Jefferson Co, AL)
– husband Ellie Glenn Willoughby (b. July 25, 1948 in AL)

– son Norman Ivy (b. December 28, 1957 in Jefferson Co, AL)
– wife Lisa Jo Blackwell (b. August 12, 1958 in AL)

– daughter Britanny Nicole (b. September 22, 1984 in AL)
– daughter Courtney Renea (b. / d. April 19, 1986 in AL)
– daughter Anna Marie (b. July 13, 1987 in AL)

  • daughter Ramona Pearl (b. August 16, 1932 / d. June 6, 2010 in Jefferson Co, AL)
  • son Raymond Earl (b. August 16, 1932 / d. November 7, 1965 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– Pearl and Earl were fraternal twins
– it was said in the family that “Earl had the P knocked out of him”
– came back from military service shell-shocked
– was beaten to death outside a bar

  • daughter Dorothy Dean (b. May 14, 1935 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– husband James Rowland Mitchell (b.May 20, 1933 / d. June 15, 2001 in AL)

– was a U.S. Army Corporal in the Korean War

– son James Edward (b. August 15, 1954 / d. June 12, 2012 in Jefferson Co, AL)
– son Jerry Linn (b. August 24, 1956 in Jefferson Co, AL)
– daughter Donna Louise (b. December 26, 1960 in Jefferson Co, AL)

  • daughter Geraldine Ruth (b. Februrary 26, 1939 / d. August 5, 2011 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– husband Robert Earl Anderson (b. July 21, 1937 / d. March 14, 2006 in AL)
– son Robert Earl Jr. (b. November 15, 1953 / d. December 29, 2007 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– handful of his ashes are scattered in the Crimson Tide end zone

– son Carl Christian (b. September 30, 1955 in Jefferson Co, AL)
– son John Edward (b. February 11, 1957 in Jefferson Co, AL)
– daughter Melinda Kathleen (b. November 22, 1958 in Jefferson Co, AL)
– son Gerald Thomas (b. September 19, 1960 / d. July 10, 2012 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– struck by a car and knocked a few feet off the road into a ditch
– discovered 11 days later less than 1/4 mile from home
– daughters Shelly and Ashley are twins

Who Is This Person -- FamilyDescendants Of Ramona Pearl Lacey


  • Ramona Pearl Lacey (b. August 16, 1932 / d. June 6, 2010 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– parents were Elizabeth “Lizzie” Ruth Mount and Justin Cornelius Creel
– served as a merchant marine in the Atlantic during WWII

  • daughter Linda Gail (b. March 15, 1950 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– first husband Jack Bremen Gilbert (b. July 2, 1943 in AL)
– son Russell Warren (b. February 29, 1972 in AL)
– son Kenneth Wayne (b. July 23, 1973 in AL)
– second husband Jack Martin Hutto (b. December 17, 1955 in AL)
– daughter Susy by first marriage (b. January 7, 1980 in AL)

  • daughter Patricia Lou (b. October 12, 1951 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– ex-husband Verland Duncan (b. November 13, 1956 in AL)
– son Andrew Jacob (b. August 7, 1976 in Jefferson Co, AL)

  • son Richard Herrell Justin (b. August 3, 1954 in Jefferson Co, AL)

– goes by the nickname “Red Dog”
– a.k.a. Ricky-Richard-Herrell-Justin-Meanie-Dong-Dong-Cuckoo-Popsicle Creel

  • daughter Ramona Elizabeth (b. March 1, 1972 in Jefferson Co, AL)
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    Brothers: Mark Bradford Lacey, Jeffery Mitchell Lacey, Christopher Selden Lacey, Sean Seabury Lacey.

    Father: Bradford Seabury Lacey
    Grandfather: John Torrance Lacey

    Keep in touch.

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