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Funny Exam Answers

What do you do when you just don't know the answer to a test question? My generation used to leave the page blank — but today's students have gotten a lot more creative with their “responses.” If only these kids put as much time into studying as they do being clever, we'd have a cure for cancer by now!

If You Can't Be Smart, Be A Smart-Ass

If I were a teacher, I think that I would appreciate a student with a good sense of humor (and I'm talking about actual wit here, not fart noises and “kick me” signs.) Grading error-filled math tests and reading poorly-written essays all day has got to be mind-numbingly boring — and any indication that a kid is using his brain must be like a breath of fresh air!

A sense of humor is actually a strong indicator of intelligence. Legitimately funny children tend to think on their feet, make observations and connections that others might miss, and are often exceptionally creative. Unfortunately, they're also likely to fall short on fact-based tests because their minds process information differently. “Comical” kids may have a high level of emotional intelligence (the ability to read and react to the world around them) — but rote memorization uses an entirely different part of the brain.

It's frustrating when you don't know the answers — but rather than admitting defeat, a clever student makes use of his other intellectual powers to amuse the teacher. I say God bless the child who is capable of extrapolating humor from an incredibly dull question about ionic bonds or verb-subject agreement — the smart-ass answer always deserves extra credit in my book. Wink Of course, our rigid educational system has a hard time accommodating people who work outside of the box — society seems more concerned with raising standardized test scores than encouraging free thinking. But thanks to websites like Funny Exam Answers and Funny Exam, now there is a place where teachers and parents can show appreciation for their kids' ingenuity! Here are some of my favorite “I've-no-clue-with-style” responses from the younger generation.