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Professional Organizer Training And Mentoring Programs

Would you like to earn a living helping others regain control over their time, space, and paper? If so, I can help jump-start your Professional Organizing business — with a proven training and coaching program that teaches everything you need to know to succeed in this industry. Take a look at my qualifications and contact me with any questions — then select the package below that best suits your needs and let’s get started!

How Is Your Training Structured?

I’ve been teaching new organizers how to succeed in business for more than a decade, using this exact curriculum to educate scores of “newbies” and “veterans” alike. Being able to organize yourself is not the same thing as successfully teaching those skills to a client — and just knowing how to clean out a closet or set up a filing system isn’t enough. You must translate your talent for organization into a practical and systematic method that can be customized according to each client’s needs. I will help you do just that and more — together, we will turn your passion for order into a rewarding and self-sustaining business.

I created this curriculum because I found that most “how-to-be-an-organizer” guides involved nothing more than reading a recounting of another P.O.’s personal experiences. I discovered that organizers were more likely to succeed if they were part of an interactive process. As my student, you will be given extensive information about the topic at hand (marketing, client appointments, setting fees, contracts, etc.) — then challenged to structure your own business policies in a way that will best accommodate your goals, lifestyle, and work preferences. This learning model lets me help you view the issues and problems of running an organizing business from your own perspective, give you guidance and feedback throughout the process, and provide and endless stream of suggestions for expanding on your ideas.

My curriculum covers every aspect of running an organizing business — from setting up your business policies and creating a defensible contract, to marketing and managing your business finances, to working directly with clients and structuring an organizing appointment. I’m not going to tell you how to put together a filing system or re-arrange a closet by season (there are plenty of books out there for that.) But what I will show you is how to TEACH those skills to a client — how to turn your organizing expertise into a consulting practice, and how to expand your business to include products, public speaking, and writing (should you choose to do so down the road.)

The focus is less on specific organizing methods and more on those issues related to business administration and skill development — client relations, marketing, financial issues, legal concerns, organizing technique, developing credibility, and defining your own personal organizing philosophy. I hate to see otherwise talented organizers fail because they lack the business background to succeed as entrepreneurs — that’s why I offer the practical tools necessary to make sure that you run your business legally, that you can successfully market your services, and that you know how to deal with both difficult and routine client issues that might come up. I will teach you how to be a better business person so that you can be a better (and more professional) organizer.

Session 1: What Kind Of Organizer Am I

Thinking about becoming a Professional Organizer? Or just starting up and not sure in which direction you want to head? This 20-page session will help you decide if organizing is for you, assess your strengths, show you the gaps in your skill set — and give you a start on “defining” yourself as an organizer.

  • knowing why you want to be an organizer and what your goals are
  • deciding to specialize or not to specialize…that is the question
  • discovering who your clients are and what kind of work you enjoy
  • identifying characteristics of a successful organizer
  • keeping yourself motivated on the long road ahead
  • assessing your skill base and finding ways to strengthen your weaknesses
  • overcoming your fears about self-employment
  • putting your educational and career background to work for you

$50.00 Add to cart

Session 2: Setting Up Your Business

Being an organizer is more than just organizing — you must know how to run a small business efficiently, profitably, successfully (and legally!) if you want to last as an entrepreneur. This 20-page session covers all of the administrative details you need to consider as you are starting a new organizing business.

  • understanding licenses, registrations, and insurance coverage you will need
  • choosing the right business entity for your situation and goals
  • recruiting members of your team and knowing when you need help
  • calculating your start-up expenses and deciding to pay for them
  • setting up a working environment for privacy, function, and comfort
  • deciding on equipment and supplies for your desk and in the field
  • a 14-step process for forming a legal and functional business organization

Please note — this course covers legal and tax issues related to starting a business. It is available in US and Canadian versions — but some information may not be applicable if you are starting a business in another country.

US Version

$50.00 Add to cart

Canadian Version

$50.00 Add to cart

Session 3: Laying It Out On Paper

Your business plan is an important (and often overlooked) tool in running your company — your “how-to guide” for both daily administrative details and long-term goals. This 20-page session will lead you through each aspect of creating a workable business plan that contains every detail about running your business.

  • what is your market and where will you find them?
  • who is your competition and how are they doing in business?
  • how will your business distinguish itself from other organizing companies?
  • what services and different levels of service will you offer?
  • how will you price your services and what kind of income can you expect?
  • how will you market your services to different client populations?
  • how will you handle day-to-day business administration?
  • how will measure success and how will you overcome your weaknesses?

$50.00 Add to cart

Session 4: Proactive Pays Off In The End

Many business owners (even Professional Organizers) wait until a problem arises to discover that they have overlooked some important legal, financial, or administrative details. This 21-page session will help you create structure within your business — and set policies governing your client relations — before you become overwhelmed!

  • developing a legally defensible contract and other client documentation
  • setting your work schedule to maximize billable hours and efficiency
  • developing solid internal procedures for completing routine business tasks
  • setting proactive external policies for dealing with client issues
  • determining policies for travel, cancellations, payment for services, etc.
  • outlining responsibilities and expectations (yours and the client’s)
  • creating systems for tracking client information, accounting, and to-dos

$50.00 Add to cart

Session 5: Learning The Trade (Storage)

Down to the nitty-gritty! Space organizing is one of the three basic “competencies” people expect from a Professional Organizer — how are your skills when it comes to helping clients sort, purge, and store? This 22-page session will teach you how to apply basic space planning skills while organizing a residential or business client’s storage areas.

  • teaching basic organizing principles for maximizing space to clients
  • identifying ways to strengthen your skills in weak areas
  • understanding the major causes of clutter at home and at work
  • knowing what questions to ask clients to make decisions about clutter
  • helping clients determine their space organizing goals and priorities
  • knowing what tools you will need to complete the job
  • working through a complete “action plan” for a fictional client

$50.00 Add to cart

Session 6: Learning The Trade (Paper)

Each of your clients will have to deal with paper — both at home and work. And in most cases, paper will be their number one organizing priority (and their biggest challenge!. This 24-page session will teach you how to apply basic paper management skills while organizing a residential or business client’s filing system and desk.

  • teaching basic organizing principles for managing paper to clients
  • identifying ways to strengthen your skills in weak areas
  • knowing what questions to ask clients to make decisions about paper
  • helping clients determine their paper management goals and priorities
  • setting up customized systems for filing and incoming paper “to-dos”
  • cutting down on incoming paper and understanding records retention
  • knowing what tools you will need to complete the job
  • working through a complete “action plan” for a fictional client

$50.00 Add to cart

Session 7: Learning The Trade (Time)

Time management may be one of the most important skills you will address. You will be expected to assist clients in identifying and eliminating time wasters — as well as help them set and follow-through on priorities. This 22-page session will teach you how to apply basic time management skills while organizing a residential or business client’s schedule.

  • teaching basic organizing principles for prioritizing and efficiency to clients
  • identifying ways to strengthen your skills in weak areas
  • knowing what questions to ask clients about how they use their time
  • understanding the major time management issues faced at home and work
  • helping clients determine their time management goals and priorities
  • teaching clients how to delegate and set boundaries around their time
  • knowing what tools you will need to complete the job
  • working through a complete “action plan” for a fictional client

$50.00 Add to cart

Session 8: Working With Clients

Although there is no one “right way” to work with your clients, there are some basic principles that all organizers tend to follow — and knowing how to clearly define your roles and boundaries will make every job go more smoothly. This 26-page session will teach you all about the organizer-client relationship and the structure of organizing sessions.

  • setting up an intake form and knowing how to “qualify” a potential client
  • scheduling a consultation without giving away all your techniques
  • determining a clients’ needs and priorities and creating an assessment form
  • dealing with the question, “How much do you charge?” and closing the sale
  • knowing what to do at your first appointment and creating an action plan
  • using communication skills to build trust and keep a client focused
  • completing an assessment and action plan for a fictional client
  • providing good customer service and “adding value” to your work

$50.00 Add to cart

Session 9: Dealing With Difficult Clients

“Difficult” can mean so many things — personality conflicts, difficulty focusing, an inability to maintain organizing systems, or a client’s personal issues intruding on your work. Best if you can nip all of these issues in the bud, before they derail your organizing efforts! This 22-page session will prepare you for those more “challenging” clients.

  • recognizing the three types of clients and how to proceed with each
  • helping clients deal with the fear of change and encouraging change
  • creating long-term client relationships and managing follow-up
  • working with ADD clients and the special approaches required
  • role-playing 12 difficult situations and how you would handle them
  • referring clients for other help, and ending a relationship on good terms
  • evaluating your work with a client through surveys and questionnaires

$50.00 Add to cart

Session 10: Marketing On A Shoestring

All of your great organizing skills are nothing if you can’t attract clients.  Unfortunately, marketing is the one thing that doesn’t always come naturally to organizers. This 26-page session covers a variety of innovative and inexpensive marketing methods. Find out the most effective ways to get the word out about your business — without going broke!

  • identifying your marketing goals and the most appropriate tools
  • creating and then refining your unique selling proposition
  • building networking relationships that result in client referrals
  • designing a business card, flier, press release, and direct mail card
  • knowing how and where to market to your different target audiences
  • using special offers, promotions, and events to your advantage
  • differentiating paid advertising from publicity and making use of both
  • creating a year-long marketing plan and tracking your results

$50.00 Add to cart

Session 11: Developing Your Credibility

The best way to bring in new clients is by building a solid reputation — become known as an honest business person and a competent organizer.  But how do you do that when you’re just starting out and have no real experience? This 32-page session will teach you how to develop a professional and authoritative air for your business.

  • joining NAPO, POC, and/or NSGCD
  • abiding by each organization’s code of ethics
  • understanding CPO certification exam eligibility and test structure
  • making the choice to refer clients to other organizers
  • getting involved in other types of professional organizations
  • securing client referrals and building word-of-mouth business
  • collecting leads and testimonials from a follow-up survey
  • getting involved in public speaking, writing, and community activities

$50.00 Add to cart

Session 12: Expanding Your Range Of Services

Your business will probably go through many incarnations throughout its lifespan. You may move from consultant to speaker to writer to developer of organizing products — or in any of a number of other directions. This 21-page session will help you look toward the future and start planning for growth.

  • comparing the pros and cons of expansion with your goals
  • recognizing the different avenues available to you as an entrepreneur
  • coming up with new ideas and 4 techniques for expansion brainstorming
  • developing a raw idea into a format you can put into action
  • evaluating the merits, possibilities, and pitfalls of an idea
  • understanding the resources, time, and money required in development
  • evaluating feasibility and sending your idea on a trial run
  • setting up a measure of success or failure for your idea

$50.00 Add to cart

The Training Program

This interactive home-study program is broken up into the 12 course modules listed above. Because this is a downloadable “do-at-home” course, you are under no time constraints — complete your homework assignments at your own pace, work on lessons as they become appropriate to your business, and submit them as you finish. It doesn’t matter if it takes you a day or a month or a year! Unlike in-person training, there are no classes to attend, no lost time, and no travel costs. It’s a great option for someone who is trying to run an organizing business while working a second job, raising kids, or going to school. Each course (approximately 20-30 pages long) includes:


  • a detailed discussion of the topic at hand — covering important organizing and entrepreneurial concepts, offering practical business and organizing tips, explaining the rationale behind different ways of working with clients or running your company, and pointing out potential problems you might run into
  • a set of homework assignments — interactive exercises (some situational, some analytical) that test your problem-solving abilities, understanding of how to practically apply organizing techniques with your client, and business skills — as well as role playing that asks how you would handle certain situations either running your company or working with clients
  • a customized review and written commentary on your assignments — I will personally review all of your answers and submissions and provide you with in-depth feedback, including a recognition of areas where you are headed in the right direction, expanded ideas for developing your service offerings, and suggestions for overcoming obstacles you may or may not have recognized
  • a bibliography — of additional relevant books, articles, and publications

Once you have finished each assignment, you will submit an e-mailed copy of your homework back to me according to the enclosed instructions. Your work will then be reviewed, and you will receive a thorough written report filled with comments and suggestions. This review is not like getting a “grade” — there is no passing or failing. It’s more like coaching on paper — I will point out potential pitfalls, solutions, and techniques you might not have thought of, as well as places where you are right on track and issues you need to be aware of as you proceed.

The complete 12-session training program is perfect for new organizers who are just starting out and want a “soup to nuts” education on running an organizing business.  Signing up for the full 12-session course will save you $240 off the cost of 12 individual lessons — you will also be given immediate access to the tools in the “Business Toolkit,” the “Appointment Toolkit,” the “Bookkeeping Toolkit,” and the “Marketing Toolkit” ($140 value) for free. And, you will receive a free phone-coaching session (a $75 value) to use at any point you wish in the training process — a chance to talk over issues that have been concerning you or questions for which you need more extensive answers. You are guaranteed to get a comprehensive training in the running of an organizing business, and you will receive a certificate of graduation to include in your credentials upon completion.

Or, if you only need help in a few specific areas, consider the 6-session course — which allows you to pick and choose just those lessons that are relevant to your situation. This package is perfect for folks who have owned a business before but are new at organizing, organizers who have experience in some areas of business administration but need a help with stickier issues like marketing or dealing with difficult clients — or even veteran organizers who are looking to change directions and want to work through the creation of a new business model.

Full 12-Session Course — US Version
$499 (a $815 value)

$499.00 Add to cart

Full 12-Session Course — Canadian Version
$499 (a $815 value)

$499.00 Add to cart

6-Session Package
$249 (a $300 value)

$249.00 Add to cart


The Coaching Program

If you’re looking for a more one-on-one training experience (and prefer talking to writing), you might consider my organizer’s coaching program. You and I will schedule 12 one-hour coaching sessions (via phone, Skype, or internet chat, depending on your preference). Each is intended to cover a different training topic from the list of course modules — however, we will customize your sessions to make sure that we discuss those issues that are most important to your business. This is your chance to talk through specific questions or concerns you have about running your company, dealing with clients, marketing, professional development, or organizing technique.

As with the training program, I will point out potential pitfalls, solutions, and techniques you might not have thought of, as well as places where you are right on track and issues you need to be aware of as you proceed. And you will have unlimited access to e-mail communications with me, between sessions — to ask additional questions, find solutions to a problem that has just recently occurred, or discuss new ideas that my suggestions have brought to mind. You will also receive the very valuable arsenal of tools in the “Business Toolkit,” the “Appointment Toolkit,” the “Bookkeeping Toolkit,” and the “Marketing Toolkit.”

12-Week Business Coaching Program
$999 (a $1280 value)

$999.00 Add to cart

The Mentoring Program

If both of these options sound wonderful and you just can’t choose between the two, then you should consider my full mentoring program. This package includes the 12-session training program, 12 one-hour coaching sessions, unlimited access to e-mail communications with me between sessions, the “Business Toolkit,” the “Appointment Toolkit,” the “Bookkeeping Toolkit,” and the “Marketing Toolkit.” You will benefit from both structured lessons with written homework and customizable coaching sessions — it’s a complete learning package and a great way to engage all the parts of your brain at the same time.

Mentoring Program — US Version
$1399 (a $1880 value)


$1,399.00 Add to cart

Mentoring Program — Canadian Version
$1399 (a $1880 value)


$1,399.00 Add to cart

***Please note that once we have sent you the information (the intellectual property) there is no way to return it. So please be sure about your decision before you sign up. for these programs There are no refunds or exchanges on training program courses or coaching sessions, once they have been paid for.

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  1. Karen says:

    Hi Ramona,

    I am wondering if the 6 session course includes the tool kits as mentioned in the 12 session course.


  2. Ramona says:

    Hi Karen! The 6-session does not include the toolkits — that’s one of the perks of committing to the whole course (not only do you pay less per lesson and get complete A-Z instruction in starting and running a successful organizing business, but you also get a TON of customizable forms, templates, tools, assessments, contracts, invoices, marketing pieces, etc. to jump-start your business.) Please let me know if you have any other questions about the training program or any of the combo packages — I would be happy to answer them for you. Thanks!

  3. Laurie says:

    Hi, Ramona: I’ve been looking into becoming a Professional Organizer. I’ve been checking out the POC website (Professional Organizers in Canada) — the Canadian version to NAPO. We have no certification programs in Canada at this time. Does that mean that your program might be ‘transferrable’ to the courses that are available through POC? Namely: Intro to Prof. Organizing & POC Code of Ethics; and Safety Issues & Procedures –> these courses are now mandatory eff May 1/2010. Any idea how they rate against the courses you offer? Can your courses be done on-line since I live near Vancouver, BC Canada and I’m pretty sure you are in the States. lol!! Thank you for your time! Laurie

  4. Ramona says:

    My courses are intended to be “virtual” (you download them, complete them at your leisure, and then send in your homework when you’re done.) I have Canadian students taking my courses all the time, and the “Canadian Version” of the full training program is geared toward the steps you need to take to make your business legal in CA (very different from what American organizers do.) I’m happy to answer any questions about the courses if you need specifics to determine if they meet your needs!

  5. Kymberli Williams says:

    Im on the Training for new PO’s a
    Tab and the “12 week Coaching Program” for $849 is coming up in my cart as $999. Is their a discount code I should be using to pay the $849 amount?

  6. Jean says:

    How soon after submitting an order for the 12 sessions is it available to me? Are all 12 sessions available at the same time or only available one at a time?

  7. Ramona says:

    You get them all at once immediately for download — so as soon as you check out, they’re yours! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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