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Some folks treat decluttering like the organizational equivalent of having a root canal, behaving as if the sheer act of making decisions about their stuff is causing them physical pain — but clearing the decks ain’t that hard! Anyone can do it — with a little patience, a little stamina, a WHOLE lot of coffee,…

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Those of us who live on the road full-time learn very quickly to strike a balance when it comes to our “supplies.” It’s not like a house where you can just fill your basement and attic with a lot of toys and equipment you never use (although, as a Professional Organizer, I’ve never been a…

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You don't have to be Fortune 500 CEO to need a functional office. But, unlike many high-ranking CEO's, you may be working out of a back bedroom — or the corner of your dining room — and you are probably on a budget. However, that doesn't mean that you have to put up with inefficient,…

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