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Why It's Good To Be An RVer

As Published In WBCCI Blue Beret Magazine
Why It’s Good To Be An RVer

When you tell someone that you’re an RVer, most folks say, “Wow, that must be a great life!” But they’re usually only looking at it from a “you-get-to-travel-all-the-time” perspective — not the “simplifying-your-life-and-reducing-stress” angle. And in doing so, they often misunderstand our reasons for giving up a stationary life in favor of the road.

The Bigger Picture

My decision to become a full-timer was only partly about the travel — my larger goal was to downsize and simplify, letting go of all the unnecessary trappings and stresses and expectations of modern life. I’ve always been a “minimalist” at heart, but it took moving into a 29-foot Airstream to REALLY teach me what simplicity was all about! Full-timing allowed me to drastically reduce the money, time and energy I spent maintaining my living environment — and put more of my efforts into enjoying life. Let me share the joys of voluntarily simplifying through full-timing:


  • no homeowner’s association fees or restrictive covenants to abide by
  • even when the power goes out, you still have a working stove and refrigerator
  • your carbon footprint is a fraction of the typical American’s
  • if you don’t like your neighbors, all you have to do is pick up and move
  • there’s no reason to ever suffer through a blazing-hot summer or winter blizzard again


  • you’re less likely to accumulate clutter with 200 square feet of living/storage space
  • you never worry about forgetting something on a trip — all your stuff goes with you
  • you have access to a swimming pool and Jacuzzi that you don’t have to maintain
  • you use less of everything — water, electricity, gas, TP, you name it
  • you’ll never have to hire “help” to keep your house in order


  • you can spend time with all your different sets of friends/family all around the country
  • you get to try a variety of fresh regional fruits and veggies, in–season and locally-grown
  • your license plate is almost always a conversation starter
  • you have no excuse for saying, “I wanted to visit there but never got around to it”
  • you can have a different view out your window anytime you want


  • when company visits, it takes about 15 minutes to “clean” your house
  • you never have to cut the grass or clean the gutters
  • the biggest “foundation repair” you have to consider is a blown tire
  • the chances of your home ever “flooding” because of a plumbing problem are slim to none
  • home maintenance costs pennies compared to a house or apartment


  • no property taxes and no mortgage payments
  • you don’t have to pay state income tax if you choose the right place to “domicile”
  • you get to say something most Americans can’t — that you own your home outright
  • food rarely has time to go bad in the fridge, when you only store a week’s worth at a time
  • your monthly RV park fee plus hookups is less than half of most folks’ rent without utilities
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Ramona Creel is an award-winning 15-year veteran organizer and member of the National Association Of Professional Organizers. As well as having birthed “The A-To-Z Of Getting Organized,” Ramona is also the author of “The Professional Organizer’s Bible: A Slightly Irreverent And Completely Unorthodox Guide For Turning Clutter Into A Career”—and the creator of more than 200 “quick-start” business tools and templates for use by productivity professionals. She writes seven different blogs, has worked with hundreds of clients, and has delivered scores of presentations on getting organized. Ramona resides on the roads of America as a full-time RVer—living and working in a 29-foot Airstream. Learn more at and

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