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Business Start-Up And Discount Packages

I have created a number of tools to help organizers succeed in business, each with a great deal of value to offer. However, I know what it’s like in a bad economy or when you’re just starting out — and how frustrating it is to discover that you can’t afford the services you need to run your company. I want to make sure that my products are affordable to ANY organizer, veteran or newbie — and that’s why I’ve put together these money-saving discount packages.

Complete Toolkit Combo

This package includes the “Business Toolkit,” the “Appointment Toolkit,” the “Bookkeeping Toolkit,” and the “Marketing Toolkit” at a discounted price — more than 200 pages of forms, templates, and sample documents. Instead of wasting your precious time on administrative chores, wouldn’t you rather hit the ground running, ready to start serving your clients? And if you’re looking for a more comprehensive solution, remember that these toolkits are also included with the purchase of my mentoring programs and start-up packages.

Complete Toolkit Combo
$100 (a $140 value)

$100.00 Add to cart

6-Session Training Program Package

Want to participate in my training program, but you don’t need all 12 lessons? Just select those training modules that best suit your business needs, and skip the rest! Plus you get an hour of phone coaching with a veteran organizer (a $95 value) — this package is perfect for folks who have owned a business before but are new at organizing, beginning Professional Organizers who have experience in some areas of business administration (but need a little help with stickier issues like marketing or contracts or dealing with difficult clients) — or even veteran P.O’s who are looking to change directions and want to work through the creation of a new business model.

6-Session Training Package
$249 (a $395 value)

$249.00 Add to cart


Full 12-Session Training Program

This is your chance to participate in all 12 training program lessons at a discounted price — and get the “Business Toolkit,” the “Appointment Toolkit,” the “Bookkeeping Toolkit,” and the “Marketing Toolkit,” plus an hour of phone coaching with a veteran organizer (a $95 value) to help you with any problems! This package is designed for new Professional Organizers who are just starting out and want a “soup to nuts” education on running an organizing business — especially those who prefer a home-study course that they can work on in their pajamas, at their own leisure, without having to go anywhere. And you will receive a certificate of graduation to include in your credentials upon completion.

Full Training Program — US Version
$499 (a $835 value)

$499.00 Add to cart


Full Training Program — Canadian Version
$499 (a $835 value)

$499.00 Add to cart


12-Week Business Coaching Program

In addition to the “Business Toolkit,” the “Appointment Toolkit,” the “Bookkeeping Toolkit,” and the “Marketing Toolkit,” you and I will also schedule 12 one-hour coaching sessions (normally $95 each) to discuss the issues relevant to getting your business off the ground — marketing, legal issues, working with clients, product/package development, whatever will help you the most. And between sessions, you will have unlimited access to e-mail communication with me — to ask additional questions, find solutions to a problem that has just recently occurred, or discuss new ideas that my suggestions have brought to mind. This is the package for those seeking a more one-on-one training experience (and who prefer talking to writing!)

12-Week Business Coaching Program
$999 (a $1280 value)

$999.00 Add to cart

12-Week Mentoring Program

If both the training and coaching programs sound wonderful (and you just can’t choose between the two,) then you should consider my full mentoring program. This package includes the full 12-session training program, 12 one-hour coaching sessions (normally $95 each), unlimited access to e-mail communications with me between sessions, the “Business Toolkit,” the “Appointment Toolkit,” the “Bookkeeping Toolkit,” and the “Marketing Toolkit.” It’s a complete learning package, allowing you to benefit from both structured lessons with written homework and customizable coaching sessions — a great way to engage all the parts of your brain at the same time.

Mentoring Program — US Version
$1399 (a $1880 value)

$1,399.00 Add to cart


Mentoring Program — Canadian Version
$1399 (a $1880 value)

$1,399.00 Add to cart



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