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Creative (And Inexpensive) Holiday Gift Ideas

As Published In Professional Organizers Blog Carnival
Creative (And Inexpensive) Holiday Gift Ideas

Why are we talking presents in an organizing blog? Because most folks overspend and hyper-complicate the giving of gifts — I’m here to help you make the whole thing easier and less expensive. Back in the days of macrame potholders and picture frames decorated with dried macaroni, handmade gifts got a bad rap. But thanks to the proliferation of craft “department” stores that offer tons of high-quality ideas and  low-cost supplies (as well as folks like Martha Stewart who have built empires on teaching hot-glue skills) they’ve rebounded in a big way.

DIY Gifties

Homemade gifts have a personal feel that bought presents often lack — folks know that you cared enough to put yourself into the giving, and you get the satisfaction of  creating something beautiful. You might way, “I don’t have that kind of talent.” But even the craft-challenged can overcome with a good “kit” or a free class. You don’t even have to make something from scratch — you can put together a photo album with pictures of your kids, or a recipe book of family favorites. And if you really want to turn on the old heart light, give a gift that one of your kids made!

Curated Presents

If you’re not particularly artistic, gift baskets/boxes are always a hip and happening gift. Paying some third-party company to put one together for you can cost more than a traditional store-bought gift — so customize one yourself, matching the contents to the recipient’s interests and hobbies. I will shop sales throughout the year finding neat little “gizmos” that would go well in a gift basket — a kitchen tool for my sister who loves to cook or something “cow” themed for my ruminant-obsessed friend — and stash them away until the holidays. I also look for practical (a colander) or funky (a cow-shaped cookie jar) containers to use in place of the basket. The result is a gift that I had fun putting together, that really means something to the recipient, and that costs less than it looks like it should!

Edible Givables

Food is another great option — especially when you like to give a little something to everyone you know. Bake a huge batch of cookies or make sausage balls –even the dreaded fruitcake is actually pretty good when it’s homemade! Then wrap a small bundle in colored cellophane and top with a bow. It’s festive, it’s inexpensive, it comes from the heart, it will eventually disappear (reducing clutter) — and everyone loves to eat!

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