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Best RV Resources Part Three

As Published In Airstream Live Riveted
Best RV Resources Part Three

Full-time RVer and organizer Ramona Creel is back again, sharing even more of her top web resources for Airstreamers! Check out her advice below as you plan your next season of travel adventure!

How do you stay connected while you travel?

When you hit the road as an RVer, the shift can be a tad jarring. Your local friends, social calendar, routines are all gone in the blink of an eye. How do you stay connected while you’re in transit? How do you maintain that oh-so-important sense of larger community when you’re always on the go?

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t choose this particular traveling existence so I could sit around in a lawn chair at an RV park all day. I want to get out there in the world, experiencing new things and meeting new people! Not to fear — all those activities and organizations you enjoyed while parked in one spot may be a bit harder to locate as you move around, but they’re still there.

With a little detective work, you’ll find opportunities to play on a sports team, serve meals at a soup kitchen, take a painting class, meditate, dance the night away, or attend a networking group — no matter where you land. Whether your goal is building your business, volunteering, self-discovery, exercise, education, or finding a creative outlet while you RV around the country — I’ve got ya covered!

How about some websites for finding artistic activities?

  • Bailaqui — latin dance events and venues, everything from salsa to tango to zouk
  • Ballroom Dancers — searchable directory of teachers, studios, teams, competitions, and dance spots
  • Concert Band And Orchestra — time to dust off your instrument and get your chops back in shape
  • Drum Circle World — find a drum circle in your area and join in the rhythmic celebration
  • Folk Jam — the easy-peasy way to locate other musicians for an informal or public jam
  • Regional Theaters — an extremely comprehensive list of theater companies
  • Sculpture — international directory of al fresco artwork, sculpting classes, and other resources
  • Swing Plan It — swing dance and lindy hop events throughout the U.S.
  • Workshops And Conferences — writing/photography/art/music/dance/film learning experiences

Do you have any “spiritual” recommendations?

  • Art Of Living — join in a weekly meditation practice or sign up for an extended mindfulness course
  • Retreat Finder — yoga, meditation, consciousness-raising, empowerment, and health-improvement
  • Spafinder — felax with a massage, facial, steambath, or other body treatment
  • Yoga Finder — locate a yoga instructor or group class in just about any town you might visit

How about getting outside into nature?

  • Find A Park — the easiest way to find an NPS recreational facility by location or facilities
  • Fish And Wildlife Service — state offices offering information about that area’s outdoor activities
  • Hiker Central — good resource (maps, campgrounds, etc.) once you know where you want to hike
  • Paddling — launch sites, water trails, group trips, and instructional courses (both kayak and canoe)
  • Pedaling — find a trail, a guided bike tour, or a cycling event anywhere you travel
  • Rock Climbing — find grades, topo maps, photos, and suggested routes for every ability level
  • Swim Guide — scope out that beach before you put on your suit
  • Trail Link — rails-to-trails conversion of train tracks into bike/walk/jog/skate paths
  • Trail Source — whatever kind of trail you need (bike, hike, horse, ski) they’ve got it for you here
  • Waterfalls — an interactive map of waterfall hikes throughout the U.S.

Do you have any suggestions for getting physical?

  • — locate a fitness program or sign up for participatory sports around the country
  • Golf Course Locator — whether you’re looking for a short course or are in it for the long game
  • Gym Finder — hunt up a convenient workout facility and get busy sweating
  • Indoor Climbing — find a list of indoor rock climbing gyms and simulated rock walls
  • I-Sport — connects you to sports facilities and groups around the U.S.
  • Map My Fitness — plot your route, figure total distance, or locate group events when you run/bike
  • Tennis Maps — get out your racket and hunt up a public or private tennis court in your area

How do you meet people and make friends on the road?

  • American Towns — read local news, join community groups, connect with temporary neighbors
  • Like Mind — the quickest and easiest way to meet folks with similar interests
  • MeetUp — find friends and activities in your local area (sports, business, culture, socializing)
  • NuRVers — a place to meet others who aren’t waiting for retirement to travel

Do you have any resources for attending rallies?

  • Airforums — calendar of upcoming events of all kinds
  • R&B Events — sponsors of Alumapalooza, Alumafiesta, Alumafandango, and Alumaflamingo
  • RV Clubs — maintains a massive list of all sorts of events for RVers
  • RV Dreams — gatherings filled with educational information, as well as camaraderie
  • Tin Can Tourists — a chance to commune with other vintage rig fans

What about finding volunteer opportunities?

  • American Red Cross — search for a blood drive or donation center at your next stop
  • ASPCA — locate a no-kill shelter where your time and energy benefits animal welfare
  • Feeding America — find a place to feed the hungry anywhere in the U.S.
  • Habitat For Humanity — sign up for a local build as you pass by and help someone who needs a home
  • Homeless Shelter Directory — as long as homelessness exists, these folks will need volunteers
  • Idealist — global clearinghouse of non-profit and volunteering opportunities
  • National Park Service Volunteers — there are nearly 400 underfunded national parks in need of help
  • RV Care-A-Vanners — offshoot of Habitat for RVers who can come park at a build site to work
  • Volunteer Match — at your next stop, see if there is a non-profit organization that could use your help

Any ideas for those who work while they RV?

Great resources! If you need Ramona’s help locating services/organizations to help you stay connected while you’re out living riveted, contact her!

We hope you are now inspired to get in your Airstream and hit the road with this new list of handy resources — more to come next time!

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