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Best RV Resources Part Two

As Published In Airstream Live Riveted
Best RV Resources Part Two

Today full-time Airstream afficionado and traveler Ramona Creel is putting her considerable organizing skills to work on your behalf — with the next part of her series on useful tools and handy informational websites for RVers! Check out a few resources to make your life easier as you’re out and about.

Why is it important to know where to find vital services?

Quickly and easily locating the services you need as you trek across the country can be a challenge. (Lord know the last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere — unable to find an affordable diesel pump or propane refill, convenient drugstore or post office, a reputable cardiologist or reliable pet sitter!) Any full-timer will tell you that stress-free travel means knowing where to look online for a place to stay, fuel, food, medical care.

Where do you find a truck stop when you need one?

What websites do you recommend to make driving travel easier?

  • Best Parking — finding an affordable place to park is a big key to enjoying your time in a new town
  • Gas Buddy — find the lowest gas prices in any state and plan your route to save money
  • My Scenic Drives — will plot out a scenic drive for you based on your origin and destination
  • National Atlas — wide range of printable maps that you can download and use immediately
  • National Scenic Byways — skip the interstate, pick a scenic route on a beautiful state highway
  • Rand McNally — online direction services, plus a variety of printed maps and atlases for sale
  • RoadTrip America — locate cool things to do along your route when traveling the highways
  • Scenic Drives USA — search for interesting backroads, byways, and scenic drives by state

What sorts of convenience services can you access on the road?

  • 1-800-Dry-Clean — you can’t upload your clothes (but you can get them picked up/delivered)
  • Amazon Fresh — delivers grocery and household items to your door without a trip to the store.
  • Books Free — save money by renting your books instead of buying (delivered right to your door)
  • Delivery — order takeout, flowers, groceries, dry cleaning, and other services online
  • Fandango — don’t wait in line for movie tickets (check movie times/locations and order online)
  • Foodler — offers free and fast online ordering from thousands of delivery menus around the country
  • Global Recycling Network — find out where to recycle/compost just about anything you need to toss
  • Go To My PC — access your electronic files and network from any web browser on any computer
  • Propane Taxi — why lug that tank to the refill station when you can have LP delivered to your door?
  • Snapfish — share photos online with far-away friends/family, order prints/gifts, and more
  • — print postage from your computer and never stand in line at the post office again
  • Taxslayer — file your tax return for free, online, without setting foot in an accountant’s office
  • Wi-Fi Freespot — find locations around the country offering free wi-fi services

Any suggestions for those who travel with animals?

  • 1-800-Pet-Meds — order prescription and OTC remedies for furry friends with one mouse click
  • Dog Geek — ultimate cyber canine connection for sitters, boarding, grooming, vets, or training
  • National Association Of Professional Pet Sitters — pet sitters who adhere to a rigid code of ethics
  • Pet Discussion — answers to all of your critter questions (health, behavior, and more)
  • Pet Food Direct — have your favorite brand of pet food delivered to your RV park
  • Pet Sitters International — locate an accredited sitter trained via PSI’s strict quality standards
  • Pet Snap — pet products that help your furry friends travel easier (strollers, car seats, carriers)
  • Pet Travel — pet-friendly travel tips and thousands of links to resources you can use on the road
  • Pets 911 — find an adoption shelter, locate a lost pet, or tag your furbaby for protection
  • The Groomer’s Lounge — ask a question, get info about specific breeds, locate a local groomer
  • Veterinarians — directory and referral service for 25,000+ vet hospitals and clinics

What resources can help you stay healthy while traveling?

  • County RX Card — free discount card for any area of the country, save up to 75% on prescriptions
  • Drugstore — over-the-counter, prescription, and personal care products delivered to your door
  • E-Vitamins — if the local drugstore doesn’t carry your CoQ10 or ALA, have it shipped to your door
  • Good RX — compare prices, print free coupons, and save up to 80% at the major drug store chains
  • — mobile screening service that offers a variety of diagnostic tests done on the road
  • Life Line Screening — find a local screening location to determine any risk for serious conditions

What if you need medical care away from home?

  • Co-Pay Relief — offer financial help if you’re hit with a serious illness requiring extended treatment
  • First Choice Labs — order lab tests online from any location and pay less than at a doctor’s office
  • Health Grades — before you visit doctors you don’t know in a strange town, check see how they rank
  • Medical Billing Advocates — don’t get overcharged for your healthcare
  • Urgent Care Locations — find help fast whenever and wherever you aren’t feeling well

We hope Ramona’s resources will come in handy for you when you are out on the road — more next time. And if you need Ramona’s help locating services while you’re traveling, contact her!

Now get out there and ‘Live Riveted !’

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